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What is Biobased?

Biobased products refer to products that consist of substances derived from living (or once-living) matter and are carbon-containing substances. Biobased products are often perceived as potentially greener alternatives than their petroleum-based counterparts and can result in safer and healthier workplaces. Since biobased products are derived from renewable raw materials such as plants, they can help reduce CO2 and offer other advantages such as lower toxicity.

Benefits of Biobased Products On Skin

Biobased products contains enzymes that is generally gentler as they don't use harsh chemicals, making it a better choice for sensitive skin. It is...

Gentle on skin

pH balanced

Easy rinse off formulation

Food grade baking soda

Gentle on skin

pH balanced

Easy rinse off formulation

Food grade baking soda

USDA Biobased Certification

The Vegan Society

Biobased Dishwashing Liquid

A set of biobased dishwashing liquid that would clean your dirty dish without any trace to your sensitive skin and the earth. 


Gentle Fruit

Tarty Lemon

Biobased Laundry Liquid Detergent

Pick your need and let our biobased detergent clean your fabric without ruining anything according to its specialization. 

Colour Care

Delicate Care


Biobased Veggie Wash

Wash your veggies and fruits in a proper way to clean off all the unwanted dirt and enjoy the freshness of your healthy food.

Veggie Wash

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